Hi Luc,
Thank you for sending through the shampoo that I received today.I will definitely do as instructed. I really appreciate your efforts and the fantastic job on my car ,you prove to be a rarity in the current automotive industry - a man with integrity! Regards Nishan Tihal  

To: Luc Del Casale
Subject: Acclaim 1 AXB146

Hi Luc,
Just a quick note to let you know that after picking up the Acclaim from you on Friday May 11 I put it in the Gumtree that night and had sold it by Saturday lunchtime (the first to see it bought it. I believe it had a lot to do with the great job you did on it. It looked fantastic. Thanks again - I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others.
Brendan Carrivick

Hi Luc 

  Just wanted to say thanks and let you know the car looks bloody fantastic !

  I was a little worried  about the scratches but its come out better than I  ever expected

  my wife now wants to drive it because of how amazing it looks, will hopefully catch up

 next week
 to pick up the aftercare kit. Thanks again for your great work.


  Alex Reid

Gtechniq C1 Testimonials-
'"Exceptional. I don't believe it could have looked any better when it rolled off the production line". 

                 Roger Green, 100,000 mile BMW project car, November 2008

The paintwork on a 400,000 mile Silver Spur was astonishingly good. We were intrigued. The owner, Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel provided the answer: G|techniq.
Nicholas Geehan, Materials Technology Lab, Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd

G|techniq Crystal Lacquer retained 3 times more gloss than any other product we tested. 

When I saw the boat after the Crystal Lacquer application I was stunned by how good it looked. Thereafter, ingrained dirt comes off with just a freshwater hose and cloth. -  Jack Haines - Motor Boat and Yachts

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